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OPINION: Demonstrate patriotism, support for alternative fuels

When I was growing up, patriotism was never more on display than around the Fourth of July. Nearly every...

OPINION: Summer heat, a reminder of need for fuel, energy conservation

Whether you look to Memorial Day, the summer solstice or the end of the school year as your official start of summer,...

OPINION: Pipeline cyberattack highlights need for energy resiliency

When we think about energy resiliency, we often think of the need to have access to energy and fuel sources in cases...

OPINION: Petroleum alternatives key for emergency response

Wisconsin residents know all too well you need to keep the snow brush in the trunk, even if you’re wearing shorts and...

OPINION: 1,100-mile EV road trip a sign of the changing times

Technology has changed the way we take road trips dramatically in recent years. We’ve gone from large roadmaps we...

OPINION: Reducing imported petroleum, crude oil critical for Midwest

One of the many positive aspects of working in the sustainable transportation sector is it truly offers something for everyone.

OPINION: Stripping semantics, politics from emissions conversation benefits all

If I said I want my next car to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the impact on climate change, what type...

OPINION: A different perspective on regenerative braking

There has been some debate recently on various electric vehicle websites regarding the use of regenerative braking (a.k.a. regen) and one-pedal driving. Most...

OPINION: Diversify options for a future-proof sustainable transportation network

Something we all need, perhaps now more than ever after the challenges of 2020, is a future we can look forward to.

OPINION: Wisconsin’s leadership role in sustainable transportation

When it comes to sustainable transportation in the U.S., many assume only the East and West coasts are embracing adoption.

OPINION: Transit-oriented developments and sustainability go hand in hand

I’m a big believer in working smarter, not harder. One great example of a concept that does just that...

Opinion: Northwest Indiana saw 2020 sustainable transportation wins

There is no doubt 2020 will be a year that will not soon be forgotten. In spite of the...

OPINION: Sustainable transportation transcends partisan politics

Take a moment to think about your favorite childhood memory and the sights and smells, the people who are with you and...

Opinion: Non-road emissions reductions matter too

It seems like a lot of my columns lately have included the phrase “out of sight, out of mind.”

Opinion: Remember goods movement essential workers this Labor Day

Remember when shopping was a big event? These days, you don’t even have to leave your couch or change...

OPINION: Help first responders by supporting energy resiliency

First responders and gasoline are a lot alike. Most of us take them for granted and don’t really think about them until...

OPINION: The future for EVs in Indiana is now

Have you ever visited a community and instantly felt they were somehow ahead of the curve? Maybe it was...

OPINION: Time to plan for electric vehicle charging is now

Most discussions of electric vehicle charging involve the chicken and the egg analogy: Which needs to come first, the vehicles or the...

OPINION: ‘Tis the season to buy local

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. It seems the holidays come more and more quickly each year and the...