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Roush Clean Tech’s propane school buses are making the grade

Our drivers will be able to better concentrate on the roads, and there will be less unsavory noise in our community.

Propane school buses for New Mexico’s 2020-2021 school year

MORIARTY, N.M. (February 19, 2020) — In a partnership with the New Mexico Public Education Department, Los Lunas Public Schools, Magdalena Municipal School District...

How propane autogas buses transform schools

Schools are choosing propane autogas school buses for two key reasons. Their low total cost-of-ownership compared with electric or diesel saves more money for...

Why are we still putting our kids in diesel buses?

Diesel buses put asthma-sufferers at risk Nearly ten percent of American children have asthma. Think about that for a moment: almost one in ten of...

FLEETFIX: School district invests in propane buses and station

Challenge Henry County School’s concern with bus maintenance requirements led the district to replace an aging diesel fleet with emissions-reducing propane autogas buses. District:       ...

Student test scores improve with low emissions buses

Article Written by: Ty Tagami, The Atlanta Journal Constitution For decades, schools have put their students on buses that belch diesel fumes, despite mounting evidence...