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OPINION: Fuel economy only part of sustainable transportation puzzle

Why are analogies always so hard on animals? Sayings such as “There’s more than one way to skin a cat,” or “You know how to...

OPINION: Time to plan for electric vehicle charging is now

Most discussions of electric vehicle charging involve the chicken and the egg analogy: Which needs to come first, the vehicles or the charging stations? Given...

GUEST COMMENTARY: Celebrating South Shore Clean Cities success

How do you define success? South Shore Clean Cities success is measured by our members’ successes. Because transportation accounts for nearly 75 percent of all U.S....

AUDIO: U.S. DOE’s Mark Smith on ‘Green Fleet Radio’

South Shore Clean Cities Executive Director Carl Lisek hosts “Green Fleet Radio” each Wednesday on Lakeshore Public Radio. The show features Carl interviewing guests on topics pertaining...

OPINION: ‘Tis the season to buy local

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. It seems the holidays come more and more quickly each year and the...